hate the bureaucrats
and their offices
I had been to one a few days ago
old building with stuffy rooms
and rickety fans
full of documents
you can smell the paper
it stings your nose
and these damn bureaucrats
middle aged men
bald and fat
women with big glasses
and hair on their upper lips
it’s always them

you feel helpless
before these bastards
too lazy
to put up with their shit
I must’ve had that look on my face
for one of those snakes
slimy and smiling
that hang around these offices
they get things done
came up to me
held out his hand

I would like to say
that I walked away
but I placed a few bills
on his hand
he hissed a smile
a few handshakes
head scratches
and boot licking later
I got the address
on my licence

walked back home
searching for my balls
I want to be a hero
but I’m not
so I write
whining like it matters
to feel better about


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