there are days when I have to write nothing special about those days they are usually mundane days. I’ll be on my way to college or having my lunch or talking to someone or lying down doing nothing and then all of a sudden I grow heavy my face about to burst my belly bladder and chest full of something that feels liquid like a balloon filled with water and I start sweating and gasping for air eyes starts seeing things that aren’t there and my mind goes blank. no one around me notices a thing they don’t understand they don’t see anything different it feels normal, someone standing in the beach looking at the sea it looks beautiful the waves full of life the orange sun perfect but out of her sight is a man flapping his hands and legs gulping down salty sea water praying for help drowning in the same beautiful sea. I take out my phone to type something but NOTHING arrives. you have a bad cold and you want to sneeze but you can’t, does it make sense now? I have a better example which involves shit and fart but then I’ve talked about them a lot recently I feel like I’m full of shit. coming back I’m so full but I don’t write anything all those crazy poetic thoughts that usually crowd my mind seem to have disappeared trying to find something to write about searching desperately its tiring so I piss on grammar and fuck art and start typing letting the words find me


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