it’s around 2 a.m in the morning and I sit in this not so comfortable recliner seat staring at the lights blue dots and white dots blinking ON. OFF. ON. OFF. there is an oldie to my right snoring his head falling on my shoulders there is a beat to it but its annoying its hot outside but I wear a tshirt and a shirt over buttoning up to my wrists trying to
sweat a little for I feel the creepy chillness in my body legs have given away arms trying to keep me warm my head goddamnit the head swaying from one side to another it feels like it’s full of water my head the biggest burden right now I try to focus on the good looking muslim girl sitting to my left looking beautiful in her black burkah and scarf not black but some abstract pattern its hard to fall asleep with the shitty music that they play to keep the driver awake I’m on a bus and I don’t feel good only comfort is that I’m on my way home.

its just fever but I write and people like pain some their own but most like the pain of others so I tend to exaggerate my pain



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