backspaces are much easier indeed.

typing away on the laptop i realised i have stopped writing my words have almost always been born into a screen i have wronged them those well spaced obedient F O N T S i have denied them their right of creation the crumpled papers the crossed out lines the futility the bad handwriting then […]

you want to hear a joke?

today, I was asked whether India like England should set up a Ministry of Loneliness to take care of the old and the lonely? I wanted to laugh it off. Just think about it a huge building with the words MINISTRY OF LONELINESS chiseled with precision the street lights flickering on a cloudy day or […]

before a storm.

an empty wide corridor leading up to a noticeboard with sheets that need no pins. red-bricked walls faking quaintness like replica monuments in exhibitions. pillars whiter than baby teeth incandescent with sunlight. hot air lingering unpleasantly a burden to carry like mr. atlas’s world. everything covered in a thin film of dust  – nothing moves. then a classroom […]

we get along.

it’s a common sight a plate full of food in front a book in hand a person or two beside and in front i lean in to have a bite someone utters the first word and there begins a conversation i tilt my head in it almost always starts with bad food movies or whos […]

How Old is Language?

It’s a moonless night quick rains have doused the summer heat in Sonepat A cricket chirps somewhere calling out for a mate to spend the night with I sit on my bed back propped against a pillow Crows caw incessantly perched on the terrace wall letting others know their meal is here Monkeys screech violently […]


flower pots placed in order neatly laid out bushes and some blue flowers too. a vitruvian man standing out of place – a leaf over his loin. a barbed wire fence hovers behind. half built police station and a plain sky beyond. mild tinted sunlight carpeting everything. the stillness. disturbed by one or two butterflies. […]